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Your reading with Rev. DebraRae is a personal time filled with information that may include past lives with relevance to present time, communication from disincarned souls, soul agreements you're working in this incarnation, identifying and clearing energetic blocks and next steps. So that you can focus on receiving the information that comes through Spirit, your reading is taped and mailed. 

If you are ordering a reading/healing and merchandise, please do them as separate orders. In order to not charge your card until 48 hours prior to your reading/healing, we use a separate shopping cart for merchandise.

Please check all times and dates that you have available for your Reading. You will be contacted with the earliest available date that matches your submission. The more options you offer, the sooner your reading can be scheduled. Your time and date will be confirmed via email and you will be given the number to call for your reading.

Your credit card will be charged 48 hours prior to your appointment. Cancellation Policy: 48 hour written (email) cancellation required or your account will be charged for the reading time you requested. This charge is non-refundable. However, if you cancel your reading in writing (email) at least 24 hours prior to your reading time, your account will be credited one-half of the total reading fee to be used toward another reading appointment. Your reading time will be held for 15 minutes past your appointment time. If you have not called within 15 minutes of your scheduled time, it will be considered a "no show/no call," for which there is no refund.


  1. Call 720-485-2057 at your scheduled appointment time.
  2. The appointment time confirmed is "Mountain Time" so adjust accordingly.
  3. Please carefully read the above paragraph regarding cancellation, late calls, "no shows".

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. I look forward to working with you through spirit and looking at "next steps" to help create the life you truly want to live.


Call for special rates and promotions

Purchase four one-hour sessions and receive one one-hour session FREE!
NOTE: Sessions can be schedule as five one-hour sessions or in any length combination requested. All five hours must be scheduled and used within one year from the date of purchase.

Cost: $540


Remote healings are done by Rev. DebraRae who may be accompanied by others. Working with various personal healing masters, arch angels and ascended masters, Rev. DebraRae and the healers clear energy blocks from your chakras, seven aura layers, earth, cosmic, TM and creative channels, and your physical body (stagnant or stuck energy eventually creates pain in the body). Because no one can heal you and the healing takes place by the healing master (through the healer) moving only the energy you are ready and willing to release, including anything you've completed, other people's energy in your space (toxic), anything that no longer serves your highest good and/or energy not in present time (the only place we can create is in present time), the healing is your responsibility. The healers will clear whatever energy you are willing to release so be receptive and validate yourself for the great healing you created and know that you always get what you need from the healing. You will receive an email letting you know when the healing will take place and again when it has been completed, which will include a brief synopsis of what occurred. This is not a reading so the information conveyed will be general and brief. Healings last 20 to 25 minutes; cost is $50.

Healing - $50 Purchase Now

Grief Counseling: Rev. DebraRae has personal experience healing grief and compound grief, and completed Hospice of Metro Denver's bereavement counseling training after which she volunteered as a Hospice Bereavement Counselor. Her minister training, combined with her innate empathic abilities, allow her to be sensitive and yet hold space for and encourage others to have their grief process, which in itself creates expansive healing. Grief counseling sessions may include holding space, spiritual counseling, clairvoyant reading and/or energetic healing. Sessions can be done in person or by phone (taped and mailed to you). Cost is $135.00 per hour.

Grief Counseling Session - $135 Purchase Now

House healings can be done remotely or in person at your home or office. Rev. DebraRae and her students will scan each room, including basement, garage, shed, etc., and seal energy leaks and close vortexes; clear beings and old or stuck energy, including from previous tenants or owners; set space inside and out (entry way, etc.) by griding and grounding each room, and bringing the entire structure into present time. Great if you plan to stay where you're at--really make it your space--and great if you're planning to sell--clear anything that would prevent potential buyers from having the space for themselves. Cost is $225 for remote (healing is recorded and tape is mailed to you); $250 for in person. Takes one to two hours depending on size of space and magnitude of healing. Call Rev. DebraRae at 720-485-2057 or email to arrange an appointment.

House Healing Remote- $225 Purchase Now
House Healing In Person - $250 Purchase Now

Business Healing Bring your business into present time--the only place in which we can create! Whether you've just moved into a new space or have been occupying your business space for some time, an energetic clearing, healing and space setting can shift your work space to be in harmony with you, your intentions and your energy in present time.

Cost: $250 (up to two hours; additional time billed at $100/hour)
Travel limited to 20 miles; trip charge applies for longer distances

Business Healing - $250 Purchase Now

To place your order for services or merchandise,
please contact Rev. DebraRae by email or phone.

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