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Are You an OOCH?

There’s a highly technical psychic term for which the acronym is OOCH. It stands for “Out of Control Healer.” Are you an official member of the OOCH Club? It’s easy to join! To be an official member, you simply have to spend your time, energy and healing abilities focused on healing others instead of yourself. (You do know you’re the only person you can actually heal, right?) That’s it. It’s that simple to join!

Fortunately, it’s also simple—although not always easy—to cancel your membership in this not so elite club! You simply turn your focus—and the power—of your healing inward. As a result, you give others permission to heal as well. When you take step on your own path, you give others permission (and encouragement) to do the same.

Most times we try (and try we do) to heal others, we do so with good intention from out heart. But, it’s not possible to heal anyone else and what we end up doing is ignoring our own healing needs and invalidating the person we’re trying to heal. It’s like saying, “Here, I know you don’t really know what you’re doing or how to take care of yourself; let me do it for you because I do!” And, that was not, of course, our intention. ‘

The following excerpt from “the 7 Healing Chakras Workbook” by Brenda Davies, M.D., exemplifies what happens when we are OOCHs:

Rescue. Whenever we rescue someone—and by that I mean we do for them something that they could do for themselves, and which would therefore help them grow—we undermine who they are, giving the impression, albeit not spoken, that they are inferior to us and that we can live their lives better than they can. This releases a cascade of behavior which is damaging for both parties, with the results that the rescued person enters a state known as learned helplessness and feels even more inferior, inadequate and dependent, while the other appears superior but sometimes punitive and manipulates with guilt trips when crossed. In fact each is dependent on the other—the one for help and the other for kudos. A good thing to remember is that, no matter how well meant, the rescue is always an insult!

In a recent email conversation, I wrote what I later realized was extremely profound (to me) in this regard! “I do not want to take you or anyone else by the arm or otherwise ever again in this lifetime. I will, however, hold out my
hand; I may choose to wait while you decide if you want to take it and, if you do, we can walk together—sometimes I will lead; sometimes you will lead; sometimes we will walk side by side. It's got to balance or it's codependence.”

As healers, it’s important to “hold out your hand,” and maybe even wait a while so the person can decide if they want to take it. This is support. This is love. This is honoring. It’s even more important to stop grabbing people by the arm and dragging them—sometimes kicking and screaming—into what you perceive to be their “healing!”

So, when you decide to cancel your membership in the OOCH Club, the benefits are numerous. Mainly, you get to focus your powerful and effective healing on yourself. You also move into a place of understanding and honoring that each person is healing, on their path, in their way and in their own time. This is the basis for “holding space” for people to have their experience. Hold out your hand—let them decide if they want to take it.

Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces, teaches Energetic Boundaries, Energetic Boundaries for Kids, Clairvoyant I: Psychic Exploration, Clairvoyant II: Beyond Psychic Exploration, Grad Program: “Peeling the Onion” and Ministers’ Program as well as other classes and workshop intensives that support spiritual growth and psychic development. Grad readings are available Thursday evenings. Private sessions with Rev. DebraRae are available by appointment. Call 720-485-2057, email or visit for more information and current events.

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