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Sacred Spaces is comprised of Sacred Spaces Center and Sacred Spaces House of Light Church. The Center offers self-empowering classes that support spiritual growth and psychic development as well as private reading and healing sessions with Rev. DebraRae.

The Church offers monthly service on the 1st Sunday--Spiritual Gatherings are followed by healing clinic--as well as spiritual and grief counseling sessions, and traditional and nontraditional ministerial services celebrating and validating life transitions, officiated by Rev. DebraRae. Sacred Spaces House of Light mission: To support and foster spiritual freedom and growth through blessings, love, healing and community in a safe, neutral, sacred space that encourages the expression of joy, amusement and enthusiasm in spirit with the Divine.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."
Marianne Williamson

Monthly Events

Sacred Spaces Center
223 Titan Street, Aurora CO  80011

Energetic Boundaries Class, $159-$189
Day & Evening Classes Available

Do you:

  • avoid groups or crowds because you feel overwhelmed by the energy?
  • wonder where your energy went?
  • intensely feel emotions—yours and others?
  • avoid watching or hearing news because it’s too sad and/or because you feel bombarded by negativity?
  • feel what someone is saying?
  • have difficulty separating from others?
  • often feel fatigued?
  • find yourself doing what others want you to do?
  • feel aches and pains of an unknown origin or that “match” others?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Energetic Boundaries class is for you!

For details and registration information, visit the “Classes” page listed under the “Events & Classes” section on the home page.

Spiritual Gathering, Aura Healing Clinic & Lunch
1st  Sundays Monthly, 11 am – 12:00 pm (approximate)

Come to Church--it's NOT what you think! Or, maybe it’s just what you’ve been looking for!

The Mission of Sacred Spaces House of Light is to support and foster spiritual freedom through blessings, love, healing and community in a safe, neutral, sacred space that encourages the expression of joy, amusement and enthusiasm in the spirit of the Divine.

Join Rev. DebraRae, Officiating Minister, in a safe, neutral and sacred space for church, aura healing clinic and community, followed by lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Sermon topics vary (visit to read past sermon messages).

Quarterly Pet Healing Clinic

Rev. DebraRae will offer your animal companions an energetic healing with her Healing Masters and you’ll have the opportunity to give/receive communication from your in-body and/or departed animal companions. Well-behaved (controllable) leashed or caged (birds, reptiles, etc.) animal companions are welcome. If your pet would be happier staying home, bring a picture, although it is not required.

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please contact Rev. DebraRae by email or phone.

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