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Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces

DebraRae Sacred Spaces, a center for spiritual growth and psychic development, offers various classes and workshops as well as professional clairvoyant/claircognizant/clairsentient readings, energy/aura healings, chakra clearing/balancing, house and pet healings, and other forms of energetic healing as well as Sunday spiritual gatherings at Sacred Spaces House of Light Church (come to church--it's not what you think).

Rev. DebraRae is a psychic medium, healer and teacher who emphasizes empowerment, validation and self-actualization in a safe, comfortable and sacred environment at Sacred Spaces, her Center for Spiritual Growth, Conscious Creation and Psychic Development in Aurora, Colorado.

Clairsentient and Claircognizant since childhood, DebraRae attended ICI-Denver where she completed a two-year Psychic Awareness Program, a 15-month Clairvoyant Program, Psychic Teacher's Training and Minister's Program. DebraRae teaches various clairvoyant classes and programs in both weekly and weekend intensive format as well as facilitates workshops in which she teaches energetic tools that awaken, embrace and assist you in integrating your authentic self, in taking "next step" to create the life you truly want to live, and support you in moving forward on your spiritual path.

David Thoreau said, "We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success." The services DebraRae offers support making that leap. Energetic Boundaries teaches students of all ages energetic tools and how to use them. A 16-week clairvoyant program teaches students how to use their Energetic Boundaries' tools to read clairvoyantly, clean out their space and explore psychicism; an in-depth six month program gives students tools to recreate themselves and an advanced ten-month Grad clairvoyant program (Peeling the Onion) offers in-depth deprogramming and certification as a professional psychic reader.

Aura healings clear energy you are ready to release, creating space for energy that supports what you need in order to manifest your present time reality. Aura/clairvoyant readings are comprehensive readings offering insights into your spirituality, psyche and spirit's desires, including past life relevance and information that may assist you in moving past blocks. House/Office healings utilize a variety of energetic healing modalities to clear space by scanning and healing energy leaks and drains as well as removing out-of-body beings whose energy may be negatively impacting the space, which is cleared, healed and then set at your vibration.

My intention is to work through spirit with neutrality, integrity and validation for the highest good of all concerned. I honor you as a spirit in a body.

Rev. DebraRae, an ordained Minister in the state of Colorado, offers a variety of spiritually empowering ceremonies and rituals she will custom tailor to celebrate your life passages, including marriage (weddings/commitments), life transitions (funerals, memorial services), and baptisms. Because it's important the "right" person perform and share your life passage, Rev. DebraRae offers a free consultation in order for her to learn more about your needs and desires and for you to learn more about her. Together, you can then determine if she is, in fact, the "right" person to perform your life passage ceremony. Fees vary according to services performed. Call 720-485-2057 for information/consultation.

"Don't let life get in the way of living!"
                                                        Rev. DebraRae

Rev. DebraRae
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