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For more information on classes or to register, contact Rev. DebraRae at 720-485-2057 or by email at

Energetic Boundaries Class on CD- electronic version - $99 + $5 shipping

Energetic Boundaries Class electronic version with up to 90 minutes* Telephone Support $199 + $5 shipping


Please check back this summer (2013) for
new formats & lower pricing!

The electronic versions of the EB Class will be available in three formats for the following reduced prices during the first 30 days of availability, after which prices will increase:

CD Set - $109 + $10 Shipping

USB Memory Stick - $99 + $5 Shipping
Wave File (Emailed) - $89 - No add'l charge

Energetic Boundaries Class
Day & Evening Classes Available
New format and lower price!

Do you:

  • avoid groups or crowds because you feel overwhelmed by the energy?
  • wonder where your energy went?
  • intensely feel emotions—yours and others?
  • avoid watching or hearing news because it’s too sad and/or because you feel bombarded by negativity?
  • feel what someone is saying?
  • have difficulty separating from others?
  • feel fatigued?
  • find yourself doing what others want you to do?
  • feel aches and pains of an unknown origin or that “match” others?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Energetic Boundaries class is for you!

In this four week, interactive class taught by Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces Spiritual Center, you’ll learn how to manage energy—yours and others—using energetic tools to clear, create and manage your space (physical body, chakras and aura bubble). These simple, effective and powerful tools—essential for everyone—are crucial for empaths and healers of all kinds.

Specially, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create and use a “special effects” grounding cord to release energy.
  • Bring your attention to your “Center of Head” room as well as clean out others’ energy and claim this space of neutrality and command for yourself.
  • Gain awareness of and retrieve your aura bubble, allowing you to control how much energy you have to manage.
  • Create “Protection” roses that help you “hold your space.”
  • Create a Centurion rose and learn why you should never be without one!
  • Release/clear energy from your space that is not yours or you no longer need/want.
  • Fill in your space by retrieving your energy (so you can use it).
  • Create your space by bringing in energies you do need and want.
  • Create mock-ups so your desires can manifest in physical form.
  • Meet and work with your Healing Master (guide) and learn to do aura healings.

Certificate issued upon completion. Next Step: Clairvoyant I Program

Energetic Boundaries for Kids, a five week program

Kids will learn how to create, keep and use their energetic space to support them now and in the future. This seven week program includes Energetic Boundaries for Kids, Reiki for Kids and a Kids’ & Pets’ Healing Clinic.

Clairvoyant I: Psychic Exploration, a four month program

Learn to read clairvoyantly and explore various topics, including meeting and working with various Healing Masters, aura layers, chakras, past lives, agreements, core pictures and more. Includes weekly class, weekly healing clinic/student reading space, monthly energy checks and a one-hour deprogramming session. Certificate awarded. Upon completion of this class, you will be eligible to participate in Healing Clinic and Student Readings as well as register for Clairvoyant II: Beyond Psychic Exploration, a six month program offering in-depth clearing and healing of your energetic space.

Clairvoyant II: Beyond Exploration, a six month program

Explore deeper through various topics, including Karma, Genetic Entity, Christ Force Healings, Energetic Whacks, Perfect Pictures, Astral Body, Deprogramming and more in weekly class and weekly healing clinic/student reading space. Also available in weekend retreat format.

"Peeling The Onion" Grad Program

A 10-month in-depth program in which you explore multiple topics for three to ten weeks, including Astral Body, Relationship Space, Your Own Birth, Male/Female Communication and more. Meets once a week for 3-1/2 hours and includes a weekly reading space. Prerequisite: Energetic Boundaries, Clairvoyant I, Clairvoyant II. Certificate awarded. Upon completion of this class, you will be eligible to participate in Ministers' Program or the One-to-One Program.

Psychic Teachers Program

a 12 week program (Prerequisites: Energetic Boundaries, Clairvoyant I & II)

  • Weekly classes for 12 consecutive weeks, Tuesdays, 10:30 - 12:30 (Other days/times available)
  • Monthly 20 to 30 minute phone energy checks with Rev. DebraRae. Call by the third week of each month to schedule a time.

You will learn how to:

  • Clean out and update your teachers space?present and past life?including expectation, competition, judgement and invalidation energy
  • Set and hold a neutral, safe space for various energies, including teaching, reading and healing
  • Teach in psychic kindergarten
  • Own your teachers space
  • Teach Energetic Boundaries (basic psychic and meditation tools)

Ministers' Program

This six month program meets once a week for two hours and offers myriad opportunities to clear your energetic space of present and past life religious programming and energy, including death pictures. You will also learn how to create a church service and write and deliver a clairvoyant-based sermon as well as perform ministerial ceremonies--baptisms, weddings, memorial and funeral services. Prerequisite: Energetic Boundaries, Clairvoyant I, Clairvoyant II.

To register by phone or email, contact Rev. DebraRae at 720-485-2057 or

To place your order for services or merchandise,
please contact Rev. DebraRae by email or phone.

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