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Understanding the Clair Senses – Part IV
The Challenges of Clairvoyance
Seeing is Believing!

Most of us have heard the expression, “Seeing is believing,” and yet, many people are programmed to not believe what they see clairvoyantly. Clair = clear; voyant = seeing. Clear seeing. Do you believe what you clearly see?

As children, we typically believe what we see, and we willingly share it with confidence!

Most young children color people purple, orange, green, red, yellow and other colors. They see auras and choose their “people colors” accordingly—until we program them differently. We tell them people are only “these” colors and show them the “appropriate” crayon colors for people. They start focusing on the flesh (solid matter) and eventually stop seeing that which they clearly saw clairvoyantly—energy or the aura. They soon learn to see people as shades of flesh, brown, red, black and tan and, of course, we then praise them for choosing the “correct” colors and coloring peoples’ skin “correctly.”

Children will often share information—sometimes very detailed information—about their “imaginary” playmates who adults cannot see, hear, touch or sense. Accordingly, adults play down, discount or even deny the playmate exists until the child can be convinced the playmate does not exist. The child stops seeing what they clearly saw clairvoyantly—energy in the form of an out-of-body being—and eventually the being leaves so the child really doesn’t see it any more.

Dolphins who swim with humans (trained or in the wild) will repeatedly choose contact with children first, women second and men third. Like most animals, dolphins operate through a “sixth sense” or clair sense, and children are most in touch with their clair senses. Typically, women are more “intuitive” than men and dolphins know or sense that as well.

Clairvoyance can be challenging in that we are constantly told we do not see what we do see. The fact that most people, including other children, do not see what we see doesn’t help our case. The consistent invalidation and programming eventually wear down our belief in what we see and we stop seeing clairvoyantly or, at the very least, we refuse to believe what we see.

People often ask me if I’m clairvoyant. Short answer: yes, as well as claircognizant and clairsentient. More correct answer: I read from a clairvoyant space and receive the majority of my psychic information through claircognizance (clear knowing, see Part III) and clairsentience (clear feeling, see Part V in the next issue).

About five years ago, I learned to read from my clairvoyant space—a neutral, safe place in the sixth chakra psychic space. It forever changed my life! In spite of accurately reading for friends for well over 20 years, I would not be reading professionally today without this powerful and effective tool.
Prior to reading from a clairvoyant space, I used clairsentience (clear feeling) and read from my fourth (heart) and second (emotions) chakras, processing other peoples’ energy in and through my body (more on this potentially dangerous energy dynamic in Part V, Clairsentience: The Dream of the Empath). The safety and neutrality of the clairvoyant center make it possible for me to now read in a professional setting, both privately and at fairs, without stressing and/or damaging my body.

Repeatedly, I’ve heard people comment that I must get very tired from doing readings all day at fairs. In fact, I feel energized and alert, even after three consecutive days of reading. I also attribute this to reading from a clairvoyant space versus through my second and fourth chakras, which can be exhausting and eventually result in pain.

The clairvoyant space is a safe haven from which to read with neutrality; it’s also a great place to visit frequently throughout the day!

If you would like to explore or further develop your clair senses, or learn more about the clairvoyant reading space and Energetic Boundaries tools, visit or visit Sacred Spaces Center in Aurora where you can experience an energetic aura healing or schedule a student reading or private session with Rev. DebraRae, 720-485-2057.

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