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Understanding the Clair Senses – Part III
The Challenges of Claircognizance:
“The Know It All Syndrome”

Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” Ironically, being claircognizant doesn’t necessarily mean the person knows about or understands their knowingness!

When I was growing up, I knew things—things a child of 8 or 12 didn’t typically know in the mid-60s. I knew there was life many places other than earth; I knew that death was not “the end,” but a transition; I knew I had lived in a place where dragons exist; I knew I was not “just a child who was too young to know what she was talking about.” I knew I was wise and had more information than I had accumulated in my brief time here. I knew I was powerful, but did not understand why (light). I told people what I knew and, even at that young age, I knew that I knew that what I knew was the truth!

People often questioned how I knew what I knew. I didn’t know how I knew—which didn’t lend much credibility to my knowingness—but I always knew that what I knew was absolutely true. As a result, my parents labeled me a “know it all.” I didn’t understand why because I didn’t know it all and didn’t claim to know it all. However, I did know that what I said I knew, I knew was the truth. Divine truth. Absolutely without a doubt truth. Bet my life on it truth.

In my 40s I met Doreen Virtue and soon thereafter read her book, Divine Guidance, in which she explains the four major clair senses. She talked about claircognizance and how people who receive divine guidance or psychic information through claircognizance—clear knowing—are often labeled “know it alls.” I laughed out loud! Finally, I understood how I knew what I knew AND how I knew it was the truth. Excitedly, I called my Mom. “Hey, Mom. You know how all my life you said I’m a ‘know it all?’ Well, I just found out you were right (I wasn’t often willing to admit she was right so she was speechless as I finished)! I AM a know it all because I’m claircognizant!” (which I followed with an explanation). She was no where near as amused as me!

Claircognizance, once understood, is possibly the least challenging of the four major clair senses because it simply is what it is—clear, absolute knowing that you know what you know is truth. The frustration I experienced before understanding I was claircognizant and what that meant resulted from not knowing where the information I knew came from and from not knowing how to explain (justify) how I knew it. I couldn’t answer the much asked question, “How do you know that?” My consistent respond was, “I don’t know, but I know that I know it and it’s true.”
Often someone would ask me a question to which I’d reply, “I don’t know.” Then, moments later, I’d say, “Oh! I do know. The answer is . . . .” And, yet, I didn’t know how I suddenly knew the answer or how I got the information. What I did know was that the information was correct and I was steadfast in my knowingness that it was true. Conversations typically went like this: “Did you remember you knew that?” My response: “No. I didn’t know it until just now.” “Well, how do you know it now?” And, once again, I’d have to respond, “I don’t know how I know it; I just know it’s true.”

So, now that I understand how I know the information, there’s still no “tangible proof.” For me, the “proof” is in my knowingness that what I know is true. I realize that doesn’t lend credibility to the issue for most people. Nonetheless, understanding claircognizance and learning what it meant was life-changing. I truly owned my knowingness and understand and accept that I know that I know what I know.

Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces, teaches Energetic Boundaries, Energetic Boundaries for Kids, Clairvoyant I: Psychic Exploration, Clairvoyant II: Beyond Psychic Exploration, Grad Program: “Peeling the Onion” and Ministers’ Program as well as other classes and workshop intensives that support spiritual growth and psychic development. Healing Clinic and Student Readings are available Monday evenings. Private sessions with Rev. DebraRae are available by appointment. Call 720-485-2057, email or visit for more information and current events.

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