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Understanding the Clair Senses – Part II
Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Challenges of Clairaudience

Clairaudience means clear hearing. Clairaudients receive Divine Guidance and information from voices they hear. Because clairaudients “hear voices in their head,” they have been thought of and sometimes labeled as psychotic, paranoid or schizophrenic. However, Clairaudient messages are typically heard inside the ear canal or just outside of the ear as opposed to “inside the head,” which is actually where Claircognizant (clear knowing) occurs. Negative connotations and stigma that accompany people who “hear voices in their head” are often the cause for the intense and very real fear-based denial of this Clair sense.

Staying late after a gathering, a friend of many years once confided in me that she is Clairaudient and has been since she was a young child. She said she had never told anyone—not even her husband—because she was raised in a religious environment where “admitting I heard voices in my head would have been a self-imposed death sentence.” She justifiably feared she would be “diagnosed” as possessed, go to hell (literally), be banned from her church/faith, be cast out by her friends, family, school . . . and on and on. She was young and highly impressionable when she first experienced Clairaudience and, for her, fear, isolation and damnation were very real consequences. Although she confided in me several years ago, she has never mentioned it again.

When I read or do energetic healings for Clairaudients, I usually see large “wads” of energy outside their ears—like giant energetic ear muffs. This energy results from a build up of communication they have been receiving, but blocking. I have seen this in child Clairaudients as well. This energy forms when incoming information backs up because their Clairaudience is turned down or shut off in an attempt to control the overload of incoming information—too much information from too many sources coming in at once. Image being in a room filled with people all talking to you non-stop at the same time about different subjects. And, in an effort to be heard, they vie for air time and your attention by speaking louder and louder—amongst other tactics—until acknowledged. At some point, an obvious solution is to turn down/off the Clairaudience.

When reading/healing children, I have seen Clairaudience directly related to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in that the child’s head (brain) is overloaded with Clairaudient communication to the point that it becomes impossible for them to receive more information—whether it be from a parent, teacher or peer. The “zoning” Clairaudient children gravitate toward (often in the form of electronic gaming) offers a respite from the “constant chatter and noise in their heads”—it’s a means of diversion from the constant barrage of incoming communication. Many children are both Clairaudient and Clairsentient, which means both their head and their body are on energetic overload, increasing the chances for ADD and ADHD type behaviors.

There are simple, effective and powerful energetic tools that can be used to control and, therefore, enhance the Clair senses, including Clairaudience. The backlog of energy can be cleared through one of many energetic healing modalities, one of which is an Aura Healing, available at Sacred Spaces’ weekly Healing Clinic (see below). An aura healing clears energy you’re releasing that is not yours, is no longer in present time or no longer serves your highest good. “Special effects” (energetic) grounding cords created just outside the ears and grounded into a main grounding cord allow energy to be continuously released while energetic protective tools placed outside the ears protect the cleared space. Increased seniority allows the Clairaudient to control who communicates, when and for how long. Clearing, grounding, protecting, increasing seniority and willingness—Energetic Boundaries—combine to change mumble jumble overload that overwhelms the receiver and often can’t be deciphered to a space where Clairaudient communication is received clearly and concisely.

Three subsequent articles will address the other Clair senses, offering information as to how they work and the challenges unique to each. Next issue: The “Know It All” Syndrome—The Challenges of Claircognizance.

Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces, teaches Energetic Boundaries, Energetic Boundaries for Kids (ages 6 to 14), Clairvoyant I: Psychic Exploration and Clairvoyant II: Beyond Psychic Exploration, as well as other classes and workshops that support spiritual growth and psychic development. Healing Clinic and Student Readings are available Monday evenings. Private sessions with Rev. DebraRae are available by appointment. Call 720-485-2057, email or visit

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