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Understanding “Clair” Senses and Their Challenges
Part I of V: General Overview

There are four “Clair” senses, and each is unique in how it challenges the mind, emotions and body. “Clair” means clear. The most well known are Clairvoyance, clear seeing, and Clairaudience, clear hearing. The least known and most misunderstood—even by those who use them—are Claircognizance, clear knowing, and Clairsentience, clear feeling, also known as Empathic (empathy).

Everyone is born with Clair senses. In our culture, we are continuously programmed by parents, teachers and peers not to use our Clair senses and, instead, to rely heavily on the five commonly known senses of sight, smell, sound, speech and touch. As a result, to one degree or another, most of us lose awareness of our Clair senses if not the abilities themselves. People who redevelop or continue developing their Clair senses typically use one main and one secondary sense or are at least aware that they have them. So why isn’t everyone a “psychic?” Because not everyone has an agreement in this lifetime to use their Clair senses. However, to what capacity and in what avenue you choose to use your Clair senses is not relevant to the challenges they present. What is relevant is your level of awareness of your Clair senses, how they affect you and why.

Many psychics, readers and healers have found one or many ways to control the information their Clair senses provide (seniority) as well as clean out other people’s energy and protect their physical and energetic space. This is, however, not always the case and is certainly not typical with those who do not understand their Clair senses or how to control them. Many do whatever they can to “shut them off,” which causes a back-up of energy in their space—energy that takes up space but cannot be used because it is not theirs.

Many people who are aware of their Clair senses are also aware of the huge impact they can have on their space, their body and their life. For these people, their Clair abilities can feel more like a punishment than a “gift” and, depending on which Clair sense(s) they have as well as the extent of their knowledge about how to control the influx of information, they may feel overwhelmed physically and/or energetically, frightened and/or out of control. Without energetic tools and boundaries as well a basic understanding of seniority, the barrage of information received through the Clair senses can affect one’s ability to think clearly (attention deficit); drain physical energy (chronic fatigue); prevent deep sleep, which deters the body from healing naturally; cause emotional turmoil and depression; and eventually result in pain or dis-ease in the body (caused by other people’s energy in your space).

At Sacred Spaces Center for Spiritual Growth, Conscious Creation and Psychic Development in Aurora, Colorado, a five-week class, Energetic Boundaries, teaches simple, easy and incredibly powerful, highly effective tools that work for every being in a body. For those with active Clair senses—whether you are using them professionally or “trying” not to use them—these energetic tools offer safety, control, clarity, seniority and protection for both the physical and energetic body.

Four subsequent quarterly articles will address the Clair senses (one per article), offering information as to how they work (or seemingly don’t work) and the challenges unique to each as well as personal experiences and observations from working with others. Next article: The Challenges of Clairaudience.

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